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How do you see the world and how do I see it?
How is my reality different from yours?
We can’t get into another person’s brain, but can we see the world through their eyes?
Or show it?
What does it take to change reality? What about creating it?

A zine is a small-print independent publication that stands out because of its non-standard themes, artistic solutions, and DIY aesthetics. This independent way of sharing information is used as a form of activism and art that does not require permission or approval and has no restrictions. A zine can be published by anyone who has something to say or show, and usually the author, editor, illustrator, and publisher are the same person or a small group of people.

In January and April, 2018, Dalia Mikonytė and Adomas Žudys resided at Kaunas Artists’ House, aiming to produce “Kaunas Study” – a video work conceived as a compliment to the unique modernism of Kaunas and also forming a part of their ongoing project “City Studies”. This piece will be presented on Friday May 11, 8.30 pm at KAH alongside a live performance by Pijus Džiugas Meižys (Münpauzn) during Gallery Weekend Kaunas.