Kaunas Artists’ House is pleased to invite you to a series of concerts of Kaunas carillon taking place at the garden of Vytautas the Great War Museum throughout during the summer season of 2018. The concerts will be performed by carillon virtuosos Austėja Staniunaitytė and Julius Vilnonis. The concerts, taking place on Sundays and public holidays at 4 pm will feature a programme of both well-known classical pieces and unexpected musical discoveries.

Upcoming concerts: 

5 August – Kaunas Carillon Summer Concert Series concert (performed by Julius Vilnonis)
12 August – Kaunas Carillon Summer Concert Series concert: “An Afternoon of Lithuanian Music” (performed by Austėja Staniunaitytė)
19 August – Kaunas Carillon Summer Concert Series concert (performed by Julius Vilnonis)
23 August – the Black Ribbon Day concert (performed by Austėja Staniunaitytė)
26 August – Kaunas Carillon Summer Concert Series concert: “An Afternoon for the Little Ones” (performed by Austėja Staniunaitytė)

The last concerts of the series will be performed on the 9th (played by J. Vilnonis) and the 16th of September (played by A. Staniunaitytė).

The full programme of the events is announced before the concerts.

More information on the Facebook site of the Kaunas Artists’ House


The carillon is one of the most sophisticated musical instruments in the world. The history of the instrument, which consists of a set of chromatically coordinated bells, dates back 500 years. The quality of musical compositions played by carillon depend on the experience, professionalism and physical fitness of the carillonist – the music is played by hands (fingers, fists), legs – often barefoot, in order to sense the instrument better.

Regular concerts for Kaunas carillon have been going on for over 60 years, with Giedrius and Viktoras Kuprevičiai being the first carillonists in Kaunas. Today Kaunas carillon has 49 bells and an updated keyboard, and its largest bell “Kaunas” is a gift from Valdas and Alma Adamkai.

Kaunas carillon belongs to Vytautas the Great War Museum, founded by the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Lithuania. During the warm season, on Sundays and public holidays, the concerts for Kaunas carillon are coordinated by Kaunas Artists’ House. This year’s program has been prepared after the completion of competition for selection of carillonists and their programs for Kaunas carillon.

The aim of the program is to continue the tradition of carillon concerts in the city of Kaunas, to introduce its fans not only to the classical compositions of carillon music, but also to contemporary carillon-based pieces, to present carillon music to the younger generation of residents in Kaunas and the city’s guests, as well as to foster the uniqueness of this instrument.

Past concerts

The beginning of this year’s concert series was marked by a concert on 12 January, 4.30 pm. The concert was dedicated to the memory of the victims of 13 January, 1991. It featured renditions of pieces composed by Lithuanian composers, among which were Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, Juozas Naujalis, Giedrius Kuprevičius.

February 16th. The concert by Austėja Staniunaitytė on the 100th anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuanian Statehood in Vilnius.

March 11th. The concert by Julius Vilnonis on the occasion of the Day of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania.

April 15th. The concert by Julius Vilnonis. The concert is dedicated to the International day of Culture.

During May, Julius Vilnonis performed 4 concerts.  Julius Vilnonis’s concert on 6 May featured a programme of popular, well-known pieces, whereas the performance on the 13th of May showcased Baroque music gems. The concert on 20 May featured pieces by W. A. Mozart, J. S. Bach and other classical music giants, whereas the last weekend of Spring was marked by a concert featuring music from G.F. Handel, P. Tchaikovsky, L. Bernstein and others.

Austėja Staniunaitytė took the reins of the carillon during June, performing a variety of concerts: “Resonating Thoughts” (3 June), “Meetings” (10 June), “Music for the Soul” (17 June), “The Sounds of Summer” (24 June) and the Mourning and Hope Day concert “You are beautiful, my dear Homeland”.

July saw both performers playing the carillon: J. Vilnonis performed on the 1 and 22, whereas A. Staniunaitytė performed the “Milžinkapių godos” (6th), “Ludus Modalis” (8th), “The Classics” (15th) and “An Afternoon for the Little Ones” (29th) programmes.