The Cultural Information Centre (Infocentre) of Kaunas Artists’ House (KAH) is a new platform launched in 2017 and dedicated to the dissemination and coordination of cultural events and art information in Kaunas city.

In accordance with the cultural strategy of Kaunas city, the activities of the Infocentre are focused not only on encouraging the city’s residents’ and guests’ involvement and interest in the cultural and creative industries of Kaunas city and region, but also on improving the communication between local cultural professionals, facilitating the exchange of experience and resources.

The information centre aims to reach the widest possible audience by evaluating and responding to the needs, goals and tasks of the participants of Kaunas cultural field and “Kaunas 2022”, as well as the historical memory of the city, cultural and artistic tendencies. Thus, it relies on the values of diversity, tolerance, community building, and multiculturalism.

When forming the content of the information centre, a strong emphasis is placed on expanding the visibility of cultural and artistic project initiatives in suburban districts, building and fostering communities, increasing the attention to and visibility of socially vulnerable groups, facilitating their integration and meeting their needs for established public spaces. The information provided in the Infocentre will be available in Lithuanian and English and will be suited to the needs of visually- and hearing-impaired visitors.

The activities of KMN Infocentre will be accessible in both electronic and physical space, ensuring not only the accumulation and dissemination of information, but also the visibility of accompanying cycles of projects and events. The Infocentre will be located at the entrance of the building at V. Putvinskio str. 56 in Kaunas.

The main activities of the Infocenter:

  • Curating and coordinating the KMN Infotheque-Reading Room and the open coworking space;
  • Providing information on the activities of cultural and artistic organisations operating in the city, as well as events and other activities;
  • Providing assistance in organising conferences or meetings with media representatives dedicated to promoting the activities of local cultural operators in KMN premises;
  • Initiating partnership-based projects focused on the cultural identity of the city;
  • Carrying out educational projects and organising cycles of events.

The Infocentre is coordinated by Milda Šarpnickytė, Manager of Cultural Activities, contact information:, (+370 37) 223259.