Volunteers of Kaunas Artists’ House (KMN) are an important part of the institution. Volunteering encourages residents and guests of the city to contribute to the development of this open and inclusive space – Kaunas Artists’ House – as well as the promotion of culture and community building. By engaging in volunteering, we create the environment in which we want to grow together and collectively ensure a more sustainable development of the city. KMN volunteers are our ambassadors, who can turn every visit into a special experience for our guests.

Who can become a volunteer at KMN?
Volunteering is open to persons of any age, gender, religion or political conviction, who want to broaden their horizons in the cultural and artistic field and, of course, contribute to the creation of a better and more socially responsible society.

Why become a volunteer at KMN?
Volunteers’ activities are primarily based on the values ​​of generosity, mutual understanding, cooperation, openness and respect. We strive for a friendly approach to each other’s suggestions and ideas, so we see volunteering as informal learning that plays an important role in developing a diverse personality.
Volunteering at KMN also provides an opportunity to get acquainted with various artists and cultural workers, acquire new acquaintances and friends, and gain valuable experience.
So, volunteering at KMN means involvement in developing both your environment and the city you live in.

Volunteer activities at KMN

Volunteering includes the following core activities:

  • assistance in organising, coordinating and publicising events;
  • involvement in the implementation and development of KMN projects;
  • assistance in developing different KMN platforms, such as the Cultural Information Centre, Infotheque-Reading Room and the open co-working space;
  • helping to create and maintain a friendly environment for KMN audiences.

All volunteering activities are accompanied by bi-weekly volunteer meetings, in which we aim to understand each other better and discuss future work and ideas.

How to become a volunteer for KMN
We look at KMN volunteering responsibly, so first of all we would like to share your and our expectations and discuss how we can best help each other.

Want to become a volunteer for KMN?
Write to KMN volunteer coordinators: