KiB (minimal, ambient, drone)
美学(bigaku)AESTHETICS~ (vaporwave)

The sonorities offered by KiB are between minimal structures, poetic drones and ambient soundscapes. Over more than a decade of creative work, she has released a number of albums, she’s collaborating in a Brainmonk duo and composing sound for dance, her work is released by Electron Emitter label. Part of her discography is available right here:

美学(bigaku)AESTHETICS~ represents classic vaporwave electronic music. The project was initiated in 2017, and since 2018 has released two albums in collaboration with an Australian label Sunset Grid. It follows closely keywords that define best vaporwave aesthetics: ironic nostalgia, sound collage, cut-up and post-internet. Listen for more:–55

19:00 start: discussion with KiB and 美学(bigaku)AESTHETICS~
20:00 sound
22:00 end

XAW is a series of micro-concerts that will take place in Kaunas Artist House backyard, organised by Matters. Platform for Industrial Culture. The concerts will take place once a month, each summer month. The events are aimed at presenting various approaches to creating electronic music, fostering the space for experimentation for both artists and the audience.

Soundmakers are invited to experiment with methods, techniques or principles, or to perform programmes they haven’t yet performed in front of an audience and to, in general, think this space open to glitch or queerness.

The first event, XAW I, will present KiB and 美学(bigaku)AESTHETICS~. The concert will start with an artist talk/discussion during which both will present their approaches to soundmaking.

Coffee of the gig – Caffeine LT
Partner of the event: Kaunas 2022

The attendance of the event is free of charge.