Kaunas Artists’ House Poetry Slam together with Lithuanian Writers Union
Kaunas Department joins “Poetry Spring Kaunas”.

We can’t promise spring but we can promise lines and verses. You know all the rest, if not, please read below.

Author of this month’s Slam poster – Ramūnas Vaicekauskas.

For registration to perform your poetry and all questions, contact

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Poetry Slam event happens every month in Kaunas Artists House, there are only three rules:

1. poems must be original work of the performer,
2. the performance can’t be longer than 3 minutes,
3. poets cannot sing or use musical instruments or props.

The process:

there are three rounds. The poets are judged by a 5 judges randomly selected from the audience. Performances are evaluated in a ten-point system. In the first round, all participants appear, in the second and third – the participants with the highest score.

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The event is a part of literature education program “Trenksmas” and is financed by Lithuanian Council for Culture.

56th international poetry festival “Poetry spring Kaunas” is partially financed by Kaunas city municipality’s program “Initiatives for Kaunas” and Lithuanian Council for Culture.

We would like to inform that the event will be photographed and recorded. You might be visible in the photos and other material and this material might be published publicly in social networks or other media.