The lounge of the KAH Cultural Infocentre and INdisTERNET will relocate in nature for a few days! While several recent INdisTERNET events have taken place online, this time we are raising a tangible flag on the map of Yaga Absurdistan and waiting for you on August 7th and 8th.

We invite you to discussions, video reviews, workshops, philosophical disputes, general healing, and a new look at the Internet. The site will appear in the festival area in the form of a tent, where visitors can engage in a variety of artistic interactions, participate in time-limited cloud materialization workshops, and talk about the Internet, culture and information at any time. Twice, the INdisTERNET program will climb onto the Kitas KinasScene, where the video art of the event will be screened: on Friday at 19:30 we will watch a general selection of videos from, and on Saturday at 19:30 the screen will be occupied by ecology-specific videos.

Nature. Mutation. Threshold.
Nature is an artifact. No more real than man-made culture that compliments nature, the latter becomes a concept designed to organize a chaotic world. Hardware, produced from emitted silicon and metal are born through the rough surface of the earth, changes the horizon by itself. Notably because the short-sighted demolition of the environment requires larger and, paradoxically, more destructive interventions.
Since conceptions of nature are already on the verge of the threshold, maybe all the uncertainties can now be shifted to the notion of supernatural? After all, if the reports and calculations are correct, the anthropocene will not last long.

What is that?
The “INdisTERNET” events are organized by Cultural Infocenter as an attempt to publicly problematize the challenges posed by digitization and to research the cultural impact of internet through unconventional education-entertainment events. The events combine contemporary art, post-internet awareness, informal atmosphere, music, discussions, pleasant tastes, online video previews, academic thought and Collage-like course of the event replicates a chaotic narrative of the internet and reflects on a shortened attention span of a contemporary spectator.

“INdisTERNET” combines education with entertainment. It consist of two main parts: active and passive, juxtaposing various workshops with videos and lectures. is the world’s leading video art platform working in post-internet precepts. By being aware that internet person is not interested in big books and complex lectures it has the insight that he is still craving for the knowledge hidden within these texts. library holds around 50 short “edutainment” videos which are the base for “INdisTERNET” events.

“In” – we are somewhere, totally submerged; “DIS” – display, dissolve, disintegrate, disseminate, dislocate; “net” – an all connecting substance in the shape of digital web. Together – “INdisTERNET” – a public attempt to critically dissolve and disintegrate the internet.