Continuing the epic of nightlife, “Insomnia Salon” this time presents an event that was selected through an open call announced by “Summer Terrace” of KAH. If in the previous events of “Insomnia Salon” we talked about the extinct party places and phenomena of the nightlife in the past and analyzed their significance not only in cultural but also in the economic and political sense, this time the event will be more about the current fragile situation of night culture actors.


On March 16, 2020, a global quarantine was announced in Lithuania due to the threat posed by COVID-19, which lasted much longer than we all expected. For most, those few months were a kind of ice age: lost jobs or downtime, limited social relations, the disintegration of various subcultural communities and safety nets, uncertainty, fear of death, closure between 4 walls, falling into the routine of seeking security. You begin to ask yourself, “What day is it today? Monday?”- although you know the answer is simple – “it doesn’t matter”, the flow of events has been broken, time is (ironically) no longer flowing. All that remains is to stare into the abyss with the belief that at least it will look back to you.

On 11th of August, the event NOTIME is a double dissection of the problem of lost, stagnant time – how to understand the problem in order to resist it.

At 7 p.m. in the first part of NOTIME, we will examine how the stagnation, isolation, and perception of absurdity caused by this temporary pause in the world have affected one of the most sensitive in this regard, nightlife actors. We will look at how the curators and creators of places and events related to night culture have dealt with it, including the general public who participate in this culture, and what the conclusions of this phenomenon might be in preparation for possible further uncertainty.

At 8 p.m. in the second part, as in Alber Kamiu’s philosophical essay “The Myth of Sisyphus”, we will fight against the absurd – we will look in the eyes of absurdity trying not to give up. We may live in an absurd world, but this world is ours and we will have our own order as we will fight it back by moving our bodies around the DJs of the evening. ONEGIN and the guests of the first part of the conversation will stand behind the consoles and pamper our ears with their reflexive selections.

Event Dress Code: In ancient Greek / Roman mythology, the god of time, Chronos, was responsible for rotating the vault of the sky and the circle of zodiac signs around the earth, therefore, it will be even easier for those adorned with the details associated with the signs of the zodiac to cope with the world of the absurd.

The number of participants in the event is limited due to your security, the registration for the event is mandatory. Reserve seats by clicking on the “Reserve a Space” button after the photo of the event.