We kindly invite you to the reading of a play The Goals and Objectives by K.M.Kulinič that will take place at Kaunas Artists’ House Summer terrace on August 14th 6.30 pm.

The Goals and Objectives is a play written by K.M.Kulinič that focuses on todays soon-to-be-30-year-olds. The main problem that bugs the characters of the play could be described in one sentence – “when my parents were my age they already had a 10 year old me, a house, stable jobs and a dog, yet I am still stuck in being an aspiring startupper living with five roommates that struggle with identical problems”.

Inspired by the conversation that she overheard in a bar, Kulinič explores the state of ‘unfulfillment’ and ‘the never ending late adolescence’, therefore by looking into a very banal mundane situations she reflects a somewhat strange forms of todays stagnation.

The vocabulary of the play may be too harsh for under-aged individuals.

Actors: Laurynas Jurgelis, Raimondas Klezys, Milda Vyšniauskaitė, Modesta Jekeliūnaitė, Milda Naudžiūnaitė, Andrius Mockus.

The number of participants in the event is limited due to your security, the registration for the event is mandatory. Reserve seats by clicking on the “Reserve a Space” button after the photo of the event.

The project is funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture.