In the summer of 2019 KAH’s culture education project was implemented, during which, professionals of the Lithuanian contemporary art scene conducted educational workshops-camps for 15-22-year-olds from refugee as well as children and youth day centres. The workshop methodology, developed by three different artists together with the curator of Kaunas Artists’ House’s educational program, was based on ideas and methods of contemporary art. Each workshop was individually designed taking the themes explored by the artists as a starting point, tailoring them to the particularity of participants.

The Culture for Social Mobility project is part of Kaunas Artists’ House’s ongoing culture education program, which aims to expand the limits of professional contemporary art by increasing its accessibility and including hard-to-reach youth groups in the ranks of culture producers and consumers. At the same time, the program aims to equip young people in the target group with skills and contacts that are not easily accessible to them in their daily activities, thus promoting social mobility.

Project manager: Asta Volungė
Project Partner: Artscape Arts Agency
Project activities were carried out in cooperation with:
Vartai Open Youth Center (Actio Catholica Patria),
Public institution Gerumo Rankos,
Charity and Support Foundation Alpha-1 Children’s Day Center,
Children’s Day Center at the Family Center of Kaunas Archdiocese,
Petrašiūnai Children’s Day Center,
Children’s Day Care Center Santara (NGO Ištiesk pagalbos ranką).

The project is partly funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture

You can find more about Kaunas Artists’ House’s educational program and activities here.