2017-2019 Kaunas Artists’ House, together with its partners, is developing a platform for monitoring and analyzing cultural activities in Kaunas, aiming to unite cultural operators in the city and its district, collect data on their activities, analyze the growth and development possibilities of the common cultural field.

The virtual platform operates on several levels: 1) as individual accounts accessible to cultural operators, where data is collected for self-analysis, event information is entered, and 2) an open calendar of cultural events accessible to citizens and city guests is presented.

The uniqueness of the platform lies not only in a possibility to enter a cultural activity data, but also complement it with data analysis. Common data on the cultural field and specific, measurable indicators (properly interpreted), are expected to provide the basis for measured, long-term decisions at city level. At the same time, it is an opportunity to follow problematic areas of the cultural field, as well as to track indicators that exceed expectations in order to publicize them.

During the development of the platform, the database of Kaunas cultural operators was prepared, information about 200 different cultural / art institutions, organizations and initiatives was collected, contacts were established with colleagues from different fields representing theaters, galleries, museums, cultural centers, festivals etc. Through live meetings and training sessions, main problematics, expectations and future scenarios for each field were discussed.

Project activities in 2019: a total of 8 workshops with 33 institutions trained (5 communities / initiatives, 10 cultural centers / multifunctional spaces, 5 theaters, 2 galleries, 11 museums or their subdivisions). Training cycle will continue after the end of the project – through December 2019-February 2020. 5 platform presentations to target groups in Kaunas and Neringa were also delivered. During the process of developing the platform, work was carried out with the focus group of Kaunas cultural and tourism institutions – a total of 7 work sessions were conducted.

Project manager: Rūta Stepanovaitė

Project coordinators: Povilas Mintautas and Gabija Jazdauskaitė

Funded by: Lithuanian Council for Culture and Kaunas City Municipality