What would happen if Salomėja Nėris was recreated? What would it mean and which new features would have to be installed so that she could survive today?

The new version of Salomėja Nėris is installed in an interactive performance-tour “Salomėja’s genome”. It is a contemporary theater project designed specifically for Salomėja Nėris Memorial Museum and created with the help of specialists in the fields of genetics, 3D technology and robotics, inspired by research of the biography and creative work of the poet.

Salomėja Nėris is not only the most famous Lithuanian poet, but also one of the most famous Lithuanians in general. Her image affects our imagination and is constantly recreated, reinterpreted. We experience ourselves through her. The more of her we recreate, the more we move away from her as a human being, she becomes a fragment, an image, an archetype. During the experiential performance, Salomėja’s Android reveals the story of her recreation.

Performers-researchers: Saulė Norkutė – director, Gabrielė Labanauskaitė – playwright, Martyna Gedvilaitė – voice coach, Ieva Ginkevičiūtė – movement coach, Šarūnė Pečiukonytė – stage designer, Vladas Dieninis – composer, Aurimas Gaižauskas – video designer, Narvydas Naujalis – lighting designer.

“Salomėja’s Genome” project is initiated by Kaunas Artists’ House and the Institute for Recreation of Poets, partially supported by the Lithuanian Culture Council and the partner of the project – Salomėja Nėris Memorial Museum.
The performance is recommended for high school students. 5 open presentations of the project and performance took place on 7-8 November 2017.
The project is curated by Edvinas Grinkevičius, Manager of Cultural Activities, contact info: edvinas@kmn.lt, +370 37 223259.