DeMo (Decoding Modernity / Dekoduojant modernybę) is Reciprocal Residency programme of Kaunas Artists’ House designed to analyze and decipher the processes of modernity development under different conditions in various social and cultural contexts. DeMo’s mission is to explore the relationship between different modernities, that is, to unravel modernity as a broader phenomenon in time and space. In this case, modernity is associated with processes of scientific, industrial and cultural development, abandoning the culturally constructed distinction between modernity and postmodernity. 

In order to provide a broader perspective on modernity or modernities DeMo, a three-year program (2020-2022) of Kaunas Artists’ House, together with the Derry ~ Londonderry Center for Contemporary Art, the thankyouforcoming residency program in Nice, the Culture Center LAB in Novi Sad, and other partners will invite artists, curators, cultural field researchers, and multidisciplinary collectives to explore the possible interfaces, overlaps and divergences between the different modernities, their forms and expressions.

Given that modernity is often associated with relatively clear geographic boundaries and is still difficult to expand, DeMo is dedicated to developing art and cultural networks beyond economic and cultural centers. One of the goals of this residency program is to multiply modernity – not to be confined to one particular concept of modernity, which is often presented outside of the center as an aspiration. To turn modernity into the multitude of modernities will require a variety of artistic research methodologies that will take the form of presentations, lectures, exhibitions, performances or objects in public spaces.

Program partners:
The Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) (Derry ~ Londonderry, Northern Ireland) aims to create opportunities for the audience to experience ambitious, experimental and engaging art and to develop successful careers for emerging artists. CCA is located within the historic city walls of Derry/Londonderry, the second city of Northern Ireland that sits on the border with the Republic of Ireland. CCA develops artist-centered projects related to the region and it collaborates with partners to strengthen the arts field locally, nationally and internationally. You can read more about CCA at

The thankyouforcoming residency program in partnership with ACROSS in Nice (France) brings together national and international art world professionals, by networking, promoting knowledge and skills, and helping to activate the contemporary art scene in the French Riviera. The program aims to support the emergence of critical and curatorial practices and their updating through field research. The residency program facilitates the international mobility of local artists by acting as a support organization for developing the visual arts scene.

The Cultural Center LAB / Kulturni centar LAB (KCLAB) (Novi Sad, Serbia), located in a modernist building in front of Futoški Park, is a unique gathering place for experimentation with cultural and art professionals, creative teams and CCI companies engaged in creative economy development and social entrepreneurship. KCLAB is accessible to creative individuals who are critical of the cultural environment, and is also open to innovative social and cultural activities.

Lithuanian Cultural Institute is a state budgetary institution founded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. Its function is to promote Lithuanian culture abroad and to present Lithuania to the world through culture. It works with various institutional and individual partners, such as Book Fairs to contemporary art Curators. Until 2014, it was known as the International Cultural Programme Centre.

Reciprocal Residency Programme DeMo is organized by: Kaunas Artists’ House
Reciprocal Residency DeMo is a part of “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” programme
Residency Programme Coordinator: Agnė Bagdžiūnaitė,, +370 664 22939