In January and April 2018 Lithuanian artists Dalia Mikonytė (b. 1986) and Adomas Žudys (b. 1988) resided at Kaunas Artists’ House.

Dalia Mikonytė is a visual artist and researcher, a member of artist groups Cooltūristės and LTMKS (Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association). Adomas Žudys is a 3D- and video artist, who also works with stencils and large-scale street art projects. Both artists’ practices include photography, video, 3D graphics and text. In their creative oeuvre classical art forms collide with technical and scientific discoveries. The artists’ main interests lie in the tension between the intimate and public, personal and group experience, identity and its representation, signs and reality. Their research is inspired by history, contemporary art, theory and sentiments.

During the residency, the primary goal of Dalia and Adomas is to produce “Kaunas Study” – a video work conceived as a compliment to the unique modernism of Kaunas and also forming a part of their ongoing project “City Studies”. During their time in Kaunas, artists use photogrammetry to document and collect various examples of architectural, sculptural and natural objects. Photogrammetry is a creative method which recreates a virtual three-dimensional object from a planar image by using photographic and computer technologies. Based on the measurements of photographic images, the shape, size, position, planning and mapping of various terrestrial objects is determined and investigated.

“Kaunas Study” will be developed with contributions from “Ekskursas” initiative and architectural photographer Lukas Mykolaitis. The presentation of the process and results of the residence, together with the video installation and live performance by composer Pijus Džiugas Meižys, will take place at Kaunas Artists’ House in April.

About the “City Studies” project:

Dalia Mikonytė and Adomas Žudys, the artists behind the photogrammetry project “City Studies”, are trying to face each and every study or city personally. According to the artists, they “create a multi-layered route for each city and a virtual map that is much larger than the actual urban area or the potential of restorative technologies. The space we create is a technologically changing and intricate city. We are not striving to create a solid space it is broken down and scattered, just like our identities. A map is not necessarily just a representation of reality, it is also a means of creating a reality. By transferring and coupling facades or sculptural monuments we create a strange, ghostly and surreal perspective of the city, which not only transcends the urban landscape, but also precedes reality as we know it. ”

A talk with the artists

More info about the artists:

In “City Studies” artists collaborate with composer Pijus Džiugas Meižys, who makes sound recordings for different routes and maps of the project.
In 2017, the studies of Vilnius, Šiauliai and Panevėžys were presented at the duo’s exhibition in Pamėnkalnis gallery, Vilnius.