The responsibilities of Director are as follows:
to organize the work of the Institution in a way that ensures the implementation of the Institution’s objectives and performance of its established functions; to act on behalf of the Institution;
to submit proposals for the establishment of performance indicators of the Institution;
to ensure the Institution’s compliance with local laws, regulations and other legal provisions;
to prepare annual activity plans, activity reports, and other documents of the Institution and to submit them for coordination or approval in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts;
to approve the organizational structure of the Institution, its internal procedural regulations, regulations of structural divisions, descriptions of positions of employees, list of positions within the limits of the total number of authorized posts ;
to establish the system of payment for the employees of the Institution;
to recruit, dismiss, promote and discipline the staff of the institution in accordance with established procedures;
to participate in the activities of commissions and working groups related to the supervision of the Institution and the provision of services specified in the regulations of the Institution;
to ensure the correctness of reports and statistical reports submitted in accordance with the Law of Accountability for the Public Sector of the Republic of Lithuania;
to ensure rational and sustainable use of funds and assets, as well as effective establishment of the Institution’s internal control system, its functioning and improvement;
to ensure that the financial commitments of the Institution do not exceed its financial capacity;
to implement decisions in accordance with the competence for development and organization of the activities of the Institution established in the regulations of the Institution and the description of this position, to prepare and approve the documents of the Institution;
to organize the property of the Institution;
to organize the accounting of the Institution;
perform other functions prescribed by law and other legal acts and instructions of the Institution’s owner.