The responsibilities of Administrator are as follows:
To perform the procedure of procurement of goods and services in accordance with the simplified regulations of public procurement approved by the institution;
To organize the procedures for auctioning off the assigned inventory;
to organize the supply of furniture, inventory, equipment and office supplies to the institution, oversee their maintenance and timely repairs;
to oversee workplace safety and organize the supply of safety equipment for the Institution, its workplaces and staff;
to oversee the efficient, rational use and proper operation of the institution’s property and inventory of the premises;
to control that the received goods-material assets ​​correspond to the technical requirements and standards;
to ensure the correct use of funds for payment;
to carry out inventorization, to participate in inspections and audits;
to manage the inventory, goods-material assets ​​in accordance with the established procedures, to prepare and submit commercial-monetary and other reports on changes and balances to the employee assigned by the Joint-Stock Company “Accounting Offices of the Republic of Lithuania”;
to constantly check that materials, goods, and products used correspond to amounts indicated in the accounting documents;
to complete the accounting documents in a timely and correct manner;
to prepare and submit work reports in accordance with accountancy requirements and in a timely manner;
to store documents properly, to file their cases and transfer them to the archive in accordance with the established procedure;

to hand over the premises of the Institution to security service, to close the building at the end of the working day and hand it over to security service;
to constantly supervise the building and premises of the institution in accordance with the requirements for workplace safety, fire safety and hygiene;
to check the regular functioning of lighting, heating, ventilation, sewage and other systems, to monitor their technical condition, to organize repairs;
to participate in drawing out plans for the renovation of (current) real estate and major repairs of the Institution;
to organize renovation of the Institution, to control its progress;
on the occurrence of changes in normal working process to inform employees about dangerous, harmful and other risk factors at the workplace and their health effects;
to instruct and control how the employees of KMN keep up with the requirements of workplace safety, fire safety, electrical safety, civil protection;
to provide new employees with proper workplace, office supplies and material assets;
to organize regular health inspection for employees;
to organize maintenance of the official vehicle of KMN and to administer its insurance;
to welcome visitors and performers of events in accordance with the requirements for the admission of visitors and professional ethics;
to organize of the welfare of the institution, advertising, festive decorations and the raising of the state flag on official holidays;
to promptly distribute KMN event tickets, promotional leaflets and invitations;
to continuously expand the distribution of advertising prints;
to ensure that all advertising is accessible to visitors in KMN premises;
To provide Ticket Distribution Program services to UAB “Tiketa” (such as the provision of ticket information, the processing of purchase in a computer program, its printing and sale, proper accounting of documents);
to supervise information and communication systems;
to administer the use of the official passenger vehicle: to control the use of vehicle (ensure that the data on the speedometer, fuel consumption and the car mileage meet the pre-assigned limits); to take care of the official technical condition of the vehicle; to organize professional car insurance in accordance with the procedures established by legal acts;
to assign and oversee repairs of the vehicle in case of defects, breakdowns, wearing down of its parts, etc.
to oversee proper marking of the vehicle ; to provide data on violations of the official KMN vehicle usage rules to the Acting Director.