K. Čiurlionis National Art Museum outside courtyard (V. Putvinskio str. 55)
12 am – 1pm Tai Chi (the event is presented in collaboration with Vytautas Magnus University)
1.30 pm – 2.30 pm Acro yoga (the event is presented in collaboration with Acro Kaunas)
2.30 pm – 7 pm Kite flying
3 pm – 4.30 pm Capoeira (the event is presented in collaboration with Capoeira Kaunas)

Tai Chi
“We can train and perfect our body – it is our physical existence, our health and posture. At the same time, we can develop our emotional and character traits: courage and gentleness, consideration and determination, attentiveness and freedom, calmness, spontaneity, and creativity. These traits are cultivated through daily training and meditation. Tao and tai-chi is a way which is mysterious, demanding lots of patience, but also particularly interesting and full of discoveries.” – teacher Aidas.
The tai-chi seminar will be conducted by “Wudang Tao”, a studio of Eastern culture.

Acroyoga is a playful type of movement, encompassing elements of therapy and acrobatics. It is a sport that forms a community and one that can be engaged with anywhere. This type of activity improves confidence both in oneself and in others, the knowledge of one’s own body and correct movement. Acroyoga entails three positions: the base and the flyer, who are engaged in the exercise, and the spotter, overlooking the exercise and making sure it is conducted safely. Another important part of this activity is therapy, combining therapeutic flying and thai massage. It is a time to relax, loosen up one’s own body and increase its mobility. Acroyoga is suitable for everyone! No previous experience in yoga and acrobatics is necessary. Almost every exercise is done in pairs (or with more people), but it is not necessary to bring someone to the activities.

Kite flying
During “Putvinskio street day”, the outside courtyard of M. K. Čiurlionis National Art Museum will be come a kite flying site! The participants of this one day festival will be invited to fly kites they have just made in the kite making workshops or the ones they have brought from home.

Capoeira is a brazilian form of martial arts encompassing fighting, dancing, rhythmn and movement. It is a dialogue between two players, communicating through movement. This movement can have a variety of meanings. As an activity, capoeira leans towards a game rather than a battle – differently to other forms of martial arts. This game is especially intensive and dynamic as Ginga (a movement resembling dance) allows for participants to move constantly. This activity will be led by the Kaunas Capoeira group.