The responsibilities of Cleaner are as follows:
To maintain exemplary order and cleanliness and thoroughly clean the assigned premises;
to thoroughly clean and prepare the stage and other premises of Kaunas Artists’ House after rehearsals and before events,
to use cleaning tools, chemical cleaning products, home appliances;
to clean the assigned premises with a wet mop or vacuum cleaner in accordance with the prescribed handling procedures;
to handle and clean the toilets, work with disinfectant fluids or powder;
to use soap or special cleaners when washing floors and walls;
to clean dust from furniture and tables;
to comply with fire safety requirements: to clean dust from light fixtures, desk lamps and other electrical equipment only after switching off them from the main circuit;
to clean carpet with a vacuum cleaner and, if necessary, spraying equipment;
to clean dust from house plants and water them;
to fill soap dishes with liquid soap and toilets with toilet paper (and, if necessary, with paper towels);
to change garbage cans in toilets daily ;
to wash basins and toilet bowls with detergents;
to not use disinfectant chemicals on the toilet floor;
to not use flammable and unknown fluids and acids for cleaning;
to use vacuum cleaners, floor luminaires strictly in accordance with their operating rules and make sure they are technically fit;
to carry electrical appliances by using only handles and not by dragging them by the power cord;
to not repair electric tools by themselves;
to immediately inform the Administrator upon noticing damage of furniture, walls, doors, plumbing and other equipment.
to constantly collect waste in special bags and dispose into special containers or waste trucks;
to arrange the dishes after events.