The Coordinator’s responsibilities are as follows:
to maintain close cooperation with creative unions and associations, scientific, cultural and art institutions of Kaunas city, public organizations and media representatives of Kaunas city and the Republic of Lithuania;
to prepare working plans for employees of Kaunas Artists’ House;
to inform the employees of the Institution about official meetings and to introduce them to working plans;
to prepare projects for the positioning and functions of employees of Kaunas Artists’ House;
to prepare plans for the activities of Kaunas Artists’ House;
to submit reports of events of Kaunas Artists’ House to the acting director;
to prepare the estimates of costs of events;
to carry out the accounting of events at Kaunas Artists’ House;
to prepare draft letters, documents, draft orders, and submit them to the Head of the Institution for approval;
to register incoming and outgoing letters, Director’s orders and other documentation of Kaunas Artists’ House, systematize incoming documents and information, transfer it to executors;
to prepare, issue and process personnel records (work and vacation schedules of employees, employment contracts, work certificates, timetables, etc.);
to handle the legal archives of Kaunas Artists’ House documents and ensure their security;
to prepare the necessary contracts of sponsorship, cooperation, lending, copyright and intellectual services;
must control the authenticity of authorizations and other secure documents, as well as withdrawal of authorizations;
must assess the correctness of amounts credited to salaries;
to prepare and provide information within the scope of their competence;
to regularly improve working skills and professional qualification;
to stand in for the Acting Director of Kaunas Artists’ House and act on their behalf.