K. Čiurlionis National Art Museum inside courtyard (V. Putvinskio str. 55)
12 am – 1 pm Kaunas Mikas Petrauskas music school music workshop
3 pm 5 pm “The Little House of Improvement” workshops
2 pm 6 pm Kite making workshops
Antanas Žmuidzinavičius Creations and Collections Museum (Devils’ Museum) inner garden (V. Putvinskio str. 64)
2 pm – 5 pm “Memory board” workshop
2 pm – 5 pm “Beauty is ageless” workshop
5 pm – 8 pm Evening drawing session

Kaunas Mikas Petrauskas music school music workshop
During the interactive concert “The Colourful Sounds of Music”, Kaunas Mikas Petrauskas music school pupils will invite the participants of “Putvinskio street day” to play instruments, sing and explore various rhythms together. The participants of the workshop will be invited to explore and enjoy a variety of music, whilst also getting acquainted with the living history of this music school that has been active for over half a century.

“The Little House of Improvement”
The goal of the workshop space “The Little House of Improvement” is to present its visitors with the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities in self-improvement. It is a space where one can try out various tasks, all designed to test or improve certain skills that often get neglected. Its visitors can improve their listening, trust, empathy, communication, creativity and other skills. It is a journey of senses that can be described through “activity – feeling – understanding – implementing”.

Kite making (the event is presented in collaboration with the Lithuanian Kite Movement)
It is well known that “Aitvaras” (the Lithuanian word for kite) brings happiness, wealth and well-being in Lithuanian mythology. The “Lithuanian Kite Movement” club is keen to share its 30-year-old experience of kite-related activities with everyone who is interested in getting acquainted with this force in the sky: the kite making workshop will instruct its participants in the basics of making easy-constructed and sturdy kites. The workshop will begin with the making of the ‘sled’ construction that has been well tested in various winds and proven to be quite popular, and continue with the making of ‘origami’ kites that will fit inside the space of a room. The history of aviation began with a kite – godspeed!

“Memory board” workshop
The “Memory board” workshop invites you to get rid of knick-knacks forgotten in drawers and create a common assemblage of memories. Clean your home, gather everything which you do not want to part with but have no use for as well – it can be any small thing, for example, a magnet with the Eifel tower, a detached doll’s head, a torn earing, a broken flashlight, a bottle cap from Barcelona, a button from an outgrown shirt, etc. During the workshop, a common assemblage of histories, memories, and forgetfulness will be created: past sentiments will meet in one piece of art.

“Beauty is ageless” workshop
Social aesthetic project “Beauty does not age” tries to challenge the stereotypes which have formed in society’s consciousness and the negative view towards old age. Contemporary culture treats getting old only as a problematic field. Health disorders, social exclusion, life conditions, aging body, diminished cognitive and creative capacities – all of it creates an image of seniors as society’s problem. This project seeks to dispel this image by talking about a person who is active, creative, curious, joyful, and proud of their accumulated experience. This project also talks about a woman who is full of experience and who shares it with younger women, radiating inner beauty – and this beauty has no age. A community of young women got together to develop the project – Ieva Malukienė, Eglė Bžeskaitė, Monika Gurskytė-Areima, and Kristina Meilutė. The project’s appearance in “Putvinskio Street day” is very special – this is the street where I. Malukienė’s grandmother, a big lover of photography, lived… This event is dedicated to her memory.

Evening drawing session
The already traditional evening drawing is a great opportunity to improve and perfect one’s drawing skills with a live model. Various techniques are possible: modeling figures, painting, academic drawing, and free drawing with graphite or pencils.