Designer’s responsibilities are as follows:
to prepare and disseminate information using printed material, films, electronic, digital and other visual and audio media, such as printed advertising (posters, flyers, programs, invitations, paid advertisements, outdoor advertising stands) and the media (, news agencies, portals) on the basis of the brand book of Kaunas Artists’ House and collected visual and audio material from different authors, performers, organizers or independent research;
to determine the goals and limitations of projects in accordance with the brand book of Kaunas Artists’ House and based on consultations with clients and stakeholders;
to collect and systematize informational material, texts, illustrations;
to retouch and choose the format of prints;
to draw sketches, diagrams, illustrations and mockups for design concepts;
to create complex graphics and other visual material (such as animation) in accordance with the functional, aesthetic and creative requirements set by the project;
to select functional and aesthetic materials;
to discuss design related decisions with customers and employees of Kaunas Artists’ House;
to provide detailed information about the selected design;
to prepare a plan for the distribution of advertising materials;
to transfer the informational material prepared by the Kaunas Artists’ House to the artists of Kaunas Artists’ House, to send the information to the media and individual target groups according to the profile of the event, to communicate and cooperate with the final recipients of information;
to collect visual informational material for the website of Kaunas Artists’ House (;
to place visual information material on the website, constantly update and maintain it;
to prepare plans for the development of Kaunas Artists’ House in cooperation with the artists of Kaunas Artists’ House;
to initiate projects, to submit independent offers, to improve, update, change the visual identity of Kaunas Artists’ House or its departments in accordance with the brand book of Kaunas Artists’ House;
to seek professional development opportunities and to strive to improve their qualification;
to continuously improve their skills in special design programs.