Ožeškienės str. 34
12 am – 7 pm “There is enough space”: a one day exhibition
Vytautas Magnus University multipurpose building (V. Putvinskio str. 23)
12 am – 7 pm “The prefectures of Japan”: an exhibition of postage stamps

“The prefectures of Japan”: an exhibition of postage stamps (the event is presented in collaboration with Vytautas Magnus University)
VMU Centre for Asian Studies invites to visit an exhibition of Japanese post stamps – „Prefectures“. The exhibition displays a part of Leonas Vežbolauskas’s collection of Japanese post stamps, which invites to discover not only Japanese post stamps but also the particularities of prefectures. In Japan, the post stamps dedicated to prefectures, also known as “furusato” (in Japanese ふるさと – home city) stamps, started to be published in 1989. But they are not only regional post stamps – they are published by the Japanese post and sold in the whole country, not only in one prefecture. The stamps dedicated to prefectures provide a great opportunity to get acquainted with sightseeing locations in different Japanese prefectures.

“There is Enough Space”: a one day exhibition
“There is Enough Space”, a one day exhibition taking place in the neighbouring stairwells of E. Ožeškienės str. 24, will invite the participants of “Putvinskio street day” to get acquainted with the little histories of the city and the issues of modernity. Hosting a variety of mediums and objects, the exhibition proposes a collaborative approach to the discovery of Kaunas modernist identity.