The responsibilities of Head of Cultural Projects are as follows:
to prepare an annual plan for the preparation and implementation of projects, to estimate possible results and alternatives;
to prepare and submit cultural projects, project applications and other documentation for EU structural, national and international funds;
to coordinate the preparation and implementation of cultural projects of Kaunas Artists’ House;
to plan time and resources required to achieve the Institution’s goals, to coordinate the overall progress of the implementation of cultural projects, to ensure the accessibility of results and carry out other activities related to successful implementation of cultural projects;
to supervise the implementation of cultural projects and oversee the suitability of the use of funds;
to evaluate the risks of implementing cultural projects and to take necessary management measures;
to communicate with institutions responsible for administering and overseeing financial support, as well as state and other public bodies;
to communicate directly with contractors / suppliers if necessary;
to organize the preparation of procurement plan for cultural projects, oversee the process of public procurement for cultural projects;
to account for the performance of cultural project activities and achievement of their goals, to organize the submission of reports on the implementation of cultural projects;
to ensure cultural projects’ publicity for target groups and information measures aimed at informing the public about the implementation of ongoing projects;
to oversee changes related to financing and administrative contracts and the implementation of cultural projects;
to organize the preparation and provision of all necessary information with the right to receive such information for institutions and individuals;
to ensure that documents are made available to the persons and institutions with the necessary clearance ;
to ensure proper preparation and storage of documentation of cultural projects and to transfer them to the Institution’s archive in a timely manner;
to develop and implement long-term cooperation strategies with existing and potential KMN project partners, sponsors, business representatives in Lithuania and abroad: initiate and maintain cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign organizations; research sponsors for cultural projects, maintain connections with existing supporters of Kaunas Artists’ House and business representatives;
to research opportunities for artists from Kaunas and all of Lithuania to present their work abroad ;
to research opportunities for representation of Kaunas Artists’ House at national and international cultural and art events (fairs, conferences, symposiums, etc.).