The Sound of Momentum
“The Sound of Momentum” is an international project, uniting energetic and very talented creators from Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, and Italy. “The Sound of Momentum” is two different collectives – “Unit 5” and “MP Origins” – joined by love for jazz and rock music and pursuit of unique musical action. The project’s concerts are always different because the instrumentalists intuitively create new content in the forms of old compositions – they improvise and reveal stories written by talented composers.

Tadas Pasaravicius (LT) – Saxophone
Edgars Cirulis (LV) – Keyboard
Albert Reinholdt Østergaard (DK) – Double bass
Federico Nelson Fioravanti (IT) – Percussion
Matias Fischer-Mogensen (DK) – Drums

MP Origins
Mantvydas Pranulis – Keyboard/vocals
Arminas Bižys – Saxophone
Kazimieras Jušinskas – Saxophone
Ignas Kasikauskas – Drums

Arvydas Joffė Jazz Quartet “2+2“
The performed programme will feature jazz compositions by well-known international composers and by the performers themselves. The motto of the “2+2” quartet – improvisations, during which various jazz themes are born, a free creative process flows, and each musician’s uniqueness and expertise is connected into a whole. That is creation and common happening on stage.

“When you play, the most important thing is to not lie to yourself and to be honest,” says the quartet’s conceptual leader Arvydas Joffė, and adds that it is exactly the inner qualities that determine a musical performance’s success or lack of it. “Look at what you are doing from a slight distance. If that, what you are seeing, interests you, you will also interest others. Of course, it is important to know what you are doing and to be able to express your thoughts, to choose the means necessary for that. How you will do this – whether by playing with others or solo – is not important. Music itself is communication which enables the musician’s expression.” Matching in inner and musical qualities, the quartet’s musicians are prepared for and look forward to each performance, during which they will be able to communicate with the audience in the most universal and beautiful of all languages – music.

The quartet consists of:
Motiejus Bazaras (keyboard)
Tomas Botyrius (saxophone)
Arvydas Joffė (drums)
Mykolas Bazaras (bass guitar)

Parranda Polar
The South American jungle can be packed and brought to Lithuania. This is what the guys of “Parranda Polar” did when they started to popularize the previously unheard-of genre of cumbia in their homeland, three years ago. With an accordion, percussion, bass guitar, and voices, they create tropical fever on stage. The result – happy, relaxed, dancing listeners. With their recently published debut album “Mucho Frio” the guys proved – the cumbia played by the band can successfully tell about heat which the Lithuanian climate has not seen yet. If you’re feeling warm and it is becoming hard not to dance and smile – it is likely that “Parranda Polar” is playing somewhere nearby.