The responsibilities of Manager of Cultural Activities (Residencies) are as follows:
to shape the mission, vision, image and identity of Kaunas Artists’ House Residency Program;
to formulate the strategy and goals of the Kaunas Artists’ House Residency Program and implement them;
to prepare the plans and reports of Kaunas Artists’ Residency Program;
to plan and organize the participation of Kaunas Artists’ House Residences in project activities;
to prepare project applications and research potential funding sources for residential activities at Kaunas Artists’ House;
to organize cultural and artistic events of Kaunas Artists’ Houses residencies (exhibitions, concerts, etc.);
to organize technical maintenance for events of Kaunas Artists’ House residencies and the rent of technical equipment;
to search for potential residents and take part in their selection;
to receive applications from potential residents;
to make arrangements for the residencies of Kaunas Artists’ House: schedule exhibitions, conferences, seminars, rehearsals and public events, manage the availability of spaces at Kaunas Artists’ House;
to introduce residents to the general conditions of organization of work and internal rules of the Institution;
to monitor and control how residents comply with their obligations and internal rules;
to initiate and maintain relations with partners of Kaunas Artists’ House Residency Program;
to develop the cooperation between the partners and residents of Kaunas Artists’ House;
to develop international exchange and cooperation between residents and foreign artists;
to respond to the needs of residents and initiate problem solving;
to organize training and consultations for residents;
to oversee the well-being and inventory of residencies at Kaunas Artists’ House;
to prepare and execute creative projects together with the other workers and artists of Kaunas Artists’ House;
to cooperate with cultural institutions, unions, collectives and individual artists and to encourage them to develop collective projects;
to coordinate the work of volunteers and trainees at Kaunas Artists’ House;
to prepare the necessary procurement plans and ensure the correct use of funds allocated for payment;
to collect initial information about the events of authors, performers and organizers and independently conduct the search for information if necessary;
to carry out the duties of event attendant when necessary.