The responsibilities of Public Relations Coordinator are as follows:
to prepare and implement publicity plans for Kaunas Artists’ House;
to coordinate the publicity of creative activities of Kaunas Artists’ House: to prepare, in accordance with the information provided by the authors, performers and organizers, the distribution of various texts via informational channels of Kaunas Artists’ House and other media, including but not limited to print advertising (posters, flyers, programs, invitations, paid advertisements, outdoor advertising stands); the media (, portals, radio, television, press, news agencies);
to submit the prepared informational and advertising texts for developers: the Designer of Kaunas Artists’ House; the Manager of Kaunas Artists’ House cultural activities;
to communicate and collaborate with the recipients of information, to distribute informational copies to the media and individual target groups according to the profile of the event;
to prepare informational texts for the website;
to administer the website of Kaunas Artists’ House in accordance with legal requirements, to update the information presented on the website of Kaunas Artists’ House, to ensure the compliance of the website structure with legal requirements;
to administer the profiles of Kaunas Artists’ House on social networks;
to select, evaluate and review the materials provided by professionals working in the field of advertising in order to facilitate positive public opinion;
to coordinate and ensure the quality of public communication by Managers of cultural activities of Kaunas Artists’ House and other employees;
to collect and organize the information about events at Kaunas Artists’ House;
to research the needs of users of Kaunas Artists’ House services: to collect and analyze data on the consumers’ profile and preferences, to investigate and predict the inclinations of current and future users.
to organize public relations campaigns in order to maintain the prestige and continuously improve the public opinion on Kaunas Artists’ House.