On Thursday 5 of April 6pm Six chairs books and guest-host artist Anastasia Sosunova will run its fourth twice monthly Open Reading Group – Clap when you want to! – which is an invitation to read ahead, collectively discuss and support dear bodies of women, of the earthly and the technological, and seek the joy of learning the planetary together. This session is going to be dedicated to search of sincerity rather than truth. We will talk about the collisions of differing realities: with the text „Letters to L: Paranoia and Visions” by M. Sandovsky we will try to reflect on the common accusations of feminism as hysterical and tough; the short fragment from (Paul) Beatriz Preciado book „Testo Junkie: Sex, Drugs, and Biopolitics” invites us to approach transitioning as plane of multiplicities; lastly – philosopher and feminist theoretician Rosi Braidotti in her text / chapter „Postmodern Feminism Nomadism“ retells some stories about the polyglotes, identities and the relation between acceptance of differences and a mode of affinity. Come join us for the discussion and the night of trust !

Inspired by the saying ‘If you can’t read a body, you’ll never finish a book’ from ‘The Great Outdoors’ (graphic novel by Monika Janulevičiūtė and Monika Kalinauskaitė), we believe that learning sensitivity of reading bodies could lead us to reading more or, rather, finding substantially new ways of reading books. This ORG concerns itself both with the critical feminist practices and its legacies, the cosmical and the comical, & material interdependence and suffering from ills of another species, engaging with hybrid thinkers working along the lines of cultural theory, biology, feminist sciences and technology.

READINGS AND MATERIALS: M. Sandovsky „Letters to L: Paranoia and Visions” (Lies, vol. 1, 04); Beatriz Preciado „Testo Junkie: Sex, Drugs, and Biopolitics” (e-flux #44, 2013); Rosi Braidotti „Postmodern Feminism Nomadism“ (iš knygos „Nomadic Subjects. Embodiment and Sexual Difference in Contemporary Feminism“, New York: Columbia University Press, 2014).
Materials will be in English. Conversations might swing between Lithuanian/ English depending on participants’ mood and preferences.

TO SIGN-UP AND RECEIVE MATERIALS, please write to; space is very very limited, but, if necessary we can move around the KAH building.
The session will take place at the bookstore (Kauno Menininkų Namai / V. Putvinskio 56, Kaunas) from 6 to 8 pm. It is free and hot beverages are provided.
Following session is going to be held on Thursday, April 19, 6-8 pm. at the bookstore (KAH). Guest session. Reading materials will follow shortly!