Dalia Mikonytė and Adomas Žudys began their residency at Kaunas Artists’ House in January, 2018, aiming to produce “Kaunas Study” – a video work conceived as a compliment to the unique modernism of Kaunas and also forming a part of their ongoing project “City Studies”. On 24 April, 2018, 6 pm the artists will continue their residency by conducting a creative photogrammetry workshop at KAH, during which they will explore Kaunas and its architectural, sculptural and natural objects. The images derived from this process will become a part of a video work that reflects a new, dynamic city in a virtual 3D space. This piece will be presented on 11 May at KAH alongside a live performance by Pijus Džiugas Meižys ( Münpauzn) during Gallery Weekend Kaunas. 

The participants of this workshop will be immersed in a journey throughout Kaunas – a journey in which old and new, tradition and contemporariness, and the public and the personal are intertwined. All are welcome to this workshop. The participants are invited to bring their own photo cameras – any type or model is welcome as well as mobile phones with quality in-built cameras.
This workshop will explore photogrammetry, an old, niche photography technique, which is most often used in the making of maps and blueprints. The technique itself involves the scanning of a static object to create a collection of pictures and, with the help of digital technology, rendering it into a 3D object. The data derived from the measuring of these photographic images is used in the establishment and exploration of the forms, sizes and placements of various objects from the surface of the Earth.

Please confirm your attendance by registering at menas@kmn.lt by Monday 23 April, 5 pm.

Artist biographies

Dalia Mikonytė is a visual artist and researcher, a member of artist groups Cooltūristės and LTMKS (Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association).
Adomas Žudys is a 3D- and video artist, who also works with stencils and large-scale street art projects.

Both artists’ practices include photography, video, 3D graphics and text. In their creative oeuvre classical art forms collide with technical and scientific discoveries. The artists’ main interests lie in the tension between the intimate and public, personal and group experience, identity and its representation, signs and reality. Their research is inspired by history, contemporary art, theory and sentiments.

The city studies of Vilnius, Šiauliai and Panevėžys have already been presented at Pamėnkalnis Gallery in Vilnius in 2017.

A talk with the artists
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