“CRRNT” is a cycle of concerts dedicated to new live music. The third part of the cycle will feature a quartet comprised of performers who represent jazz, improvisational and experimental music scenes. The ensemble will perform compositions connected by a synthesis of improvisation and noise.

Dovydas Stalmokas (saxophone)
Marius Giedra (keyboard)
Aurelijus Užameckis (double bass)
Ignas Kasikauskas (percussion)

About the artists:

Dovydas Stalmokas – saxophonist, improviser. Graduated from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, where he studied in the Jazz department under professor Petras Vyšniauskas, finished Bachelor and Master studies, studied for half a year at Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Boulogne-Billancourt in Paris. Even though in Lithuania Dovydas Stalmokas is mostly known as a participant of experimental music projects, the performer plays various styles of music. He is an uncompromising, brave experimenter, in whose modern, elemental performances one can feel academic instrument handling skills and expanded techniques of its use.
Currently, Dovydas Stalmokas is a former and member of bands “Yrinauda”, “Aprasymaa”, “Horny Horns”, “The Yrinauders”, and “The Honkin’ Dudes Brass Band”. Dovydas Stalmokas is a universal musician of various styles, with a leaning towards improvisational and experimental music. He gained international acclaim by representing Lithuania at “European Saxophone Ensemble” in Europe, “Umbrella Jazz” in Chicago, US, and in Montreal, Canada, where he did a residency for 9 months.
Marius Giedra – jazz pianist, composer. Constantly plays with various Lithuanian artists, participates in festivals and other musical platforms. The performer’s style varies from traditional and modern jazz to classical and improvisational music. Takes interest in other instruments and plays them to expand his musical language. Does not limit himself only to playing – also arranges and creates original compositions.
Aurelijus Užameckis – double bass player, jazz and improvisational music performer and writer. Studied classical music and jazz, played with orchestras, was laureate of local contests. Independently taught himself creation and performance of electronic and non-academic music genres. Participated in master classes of and drew knowledge from Miloslav Jelínek, Frank Gratkowski, Adam Pultz Melbye, Raymond Strid, and others. Also participant of improvisation courses “Agata Langai” with Arnas Mikalkėnas. Won the Grand Prix in “Vilnius Jazz Young Power” contest, with the band “Džiazlaif”. In the same contest, was awarded the prize for best original composition and universal double bass expression. Currently, the musician actively participates in jazz, improvisational music, and other scenes, plays and creates with the most prominent musicians of the country, collaborates with theatre and other art disciplines.
Ignas Kasikauskas – percussionist, performer. Plays in projects of contemporary and traditional music. Is studying at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, participates in master classes and creative workshops. The performer collaborates with Lithuanian and foreign musicians, among them Peter Smrdel, Arkady Gotesman, Eugenijus Kanevičius, Tomas Razmus, Arnas Mikalkėnas, and others. Participated in festivals “Mama Jazz”, “Vilnius Jazz”, “Kaunas Jazz”, “Peronas Jazz”, “Soulkrasti Jazz”, and “Roma Summer Jazz Festival”. Participated in master classes in Italy, Denmark, and Finland.

Ticket price – 3 €

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