On 7 pm, 25 May, 2018, Kaunas Artists’ House will host the presentation of “Free Flow Project“ by the contemporary dance master Wooguru (South Korea/Germany). “Free Flow Project“ is the new educational structure based on the original concept of dance, and furthermore fosters the spontaneity of the individual body in which the creativity rooted in each of individuals’ bodies originates.

Wooguru approaches dance as a tool for sensing human identity and seeking better interpersonal relations and understanding. At the core of the “Free Flow” dance sessions is the emancipation of the body through breathing, rhythmics, and improvisation. According to the choreographer, each spontaneous move contains its own musicality, defining the independence of the body and an embodied desire for freedom. Furthermore, the basis of humanity is the individuality of people themselves, and freedom is inseparable from the idea of an independent, liberated body.

Throughout his dance practice, Wooguru emphasises the feeling of spontaneity, aiming to connect the separate body parts into an organic whole and, in this way, heal the fragmentation of humanity. Influenced by the “donghak” version of Korean neo-Confucianism, his practice strives for a deep harmonic relation between bodily and intangible emotional experiences.

The series of solo dance pieces created by Veronika Tarasevičiūtė and Kotryna Žilinskaitė with support from the choreographer Wooguru and his dance work constitute the presentation of the “Free Flow Project”.

Wooguru is a master of contemporary dance, a choreographer, and an educator. Also the founder of the “Free Flow” project, studying the human body as the main factor of individual freedom. The choreographer started his career in street dance, the experience in which inspired him to create the unique dance style of “Free Flow”, acknowledged by such organizations as “Movement Research” in New York, “Tanztage” in Berlin, ID OCD symposium “Impuls Tanz” festival in Viena, and Seoul Dance Center. “Free Flow” has become an educational project, inspired by sensitivity to the human body and the aspiration to create an idea of a new biocentric future. The project has already visited Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and South Korea.

This event is free of charge.

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