“CRRNT” is a series of concerts dedicated to new live music. The fourth installment of the series will feature a live performance of electro-acoustic music. 

Gintė Preisaitė (live electronic music, keyboard)
Jūra Elena Šedytė (live electronic music, vocals)
Domantas Razmus (drums)
Aurelijus Užameckis (doublebass)

About the performers
Gintė Preisaitė is a pianist who began her musical journey in classical music and then continued it in an exploration in performance and composing of improvisational, contemporary, experimental, acoustic, and electronic music. She actively participates in various festivals, concerts, and performances. Her artistic inquiries plunge one into a psychedelic calm, constantly mixing with industrial rhythms which emerge in the synthesis of “field recording” and colorful synth melodies.
Jūra Elena Šedytė is an active composer of the young generation. Her compositions have been played in various contemporary music festivals. She also actively participates in local and foreign creative workshops and collaborates with young artists from various art fields: contemporary circus, contemporary dance, theatre, and cinema. Currently, Jūra is becoming increasingly involved in performing activity – by using her voice and electronics, she performs pieces of her own and of others. Jūra’s music is a compositional map whose sound marks direct one to fragments of the artist’s past. Electronic illusion, acoustic epiphanies, analog flinches – all of it will become rhythmic and harmonic layers, carrying the listener to voice-enhanced emotional states.
Aurelijus Užameckis is an active young double-bass player. He studied classical music, has played in orchestras and won awards in local competitions. He has participated in master classes and been tought by Miloslav Jelineka, Boz Paradjik, Franco Gratkowski, and others. Currently, the musician is actively involved in jazz, contemporary and improvisational music, performs with the most prominent local musicians and participates in theater, film and other artistic platforms. Užameckis is a member of the band “Džiazlaif”.
Domantas Razmus graduated from the Children and Youth Music School in Pasvalys. Later he started playing the drums independently and entered the Jazz Performing Arts program at LMTA. He has appeared in various local and international jazz festivals and competitions and works actively as a session musician. He is currently studying in the Contemporary Music MA program at LMTA.

Tickets – 3 €

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