Relevant contemporary music concert series OLOS having started in 2017 moves outdoors and invites to further explore the broad and unpredictable geology of contemporary experimental music on 27 June, 8 pm. 

Waterflower (LV)
Sovijus (LT)

“Waterflower ” is artist Sabine Moore’s audiovisual performance project, reminiscent of a sci-fi journey to a world outside of our time-line. The stage image is inspired by turn of the
19th Century Art Nouveau illustrations (e.g. Mucha and Beardsley). Musically, Waterflower draws upon genres like Electronica, Experimental Pop and Ambient. Her multi-layered
compositions are created from sampled sounds like toy beeps, running water, glass beads, gardening tools, and are then mixed with synthesizers, orchestral sounds – like the violin,
ghostly piano melodies and her sublime vocals. Sabine Moore also works in genres like performance art, both alone (e.g. the “Sound Drawing“ performance utilizing 2 meter long pencils and a large paper as a synthesizer) and is an active member of the electroclash band MMMM (LV), doom folk / ambient band
Lost Harbours (UK/LV), and former member of the avant-garde band Vairāk Kauna Nav (LV/DE). Since the birth of Waterflower in 2006 (at first, recording under the name “Kroffork“), there have been a number of performances in the Baltics, Scandinavia, and other European countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Spain, Ireland and the UK, including the festivals: Positivus (LV), Ladyfest Tallinn (EE), Tenderete (SP), Eskusplosion (FI) and Leigh Folk Festival (UK).
Though often performing and collaborating with poets and contemporary dancers inspired by the music of “Waterflower”, Sabine Moore herself remains as a separate persona to the
parallel image and character created for the “Waterflower” performance.
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“Sovijus“ is a project of experimental electronic ambient music, featuring unique noises that reveal a wide range of soundscapes. The name of the band came from ancient myth.
In Lithuanian mythology Sovijus is a guide for the souls of the dead, the founder of the tradition of cremation. Sovijus musical project was started in 1994 by Ramūnas Peršonis,
with his early experiments in electronic music. Currently, the project consists of Ramūnas Peršonis (electronics) and Mindaugas Suchocko (flutes, vocal) duo. Their live performances invite to listen to stories that are atmospheric, rhytmic, dreamy yet sometimes evoke even frightful sceneries.

Tickets – 3 €