A. Dauti and R. Vaughan’s film “Ô•diz•m” screening | 23 April, 6 pm

The film “Ô•diz•m” narrates a history of “audism”, a term that describes various forms of hearing discrimination against Deaf people, their culture and language, as well as the notion that one is superior based on their ability to both hear and speak. The film imagines a futuristic museum exhibit in which the subject of “Deafness” is on display, and numerous histories of oppression that span time and geographical space are explored. Examples of early medicinal experiments, hearing aid technology and educational practices such as “oralism” are represented through an assemblage of historical objects and biographical details, revealing how Deaf people have been physically and pedagogically coerced into adopting hearing norms at the risk of losing their culture. At the same time, the potential of “audism” emerges as a concept in need of theoretical scrutiny. As an area of study, it can open up many avenues for analysis and can offer a comparative context for thinking about how bodies (especially “othered” bodies) in general are understood in relation to specific historical, political and sociocultural structures, and how most often, this comes from an effort to integrate rather than to include.

The KAH residency programme was launched in 2018 with the aim to present the most relevant contemporary artists, curators and cultural researchers working in Lithuania and abroad to the residents and guests of Kaunas city. The residency programme aims to foster intercultural, cross-institutional and cross-sectoral cooperation, to provide artists and cultural producers with the opportunity to become acquainted with the historical and cultural context of the city during their residency, to facilitate their cooperation with other artists or cultural producers and local communities.

Avni Dauti and Rebecca Vaughan are artists and researchers from Melbourne, Australia. Their work focuses on Deaf histories and repressed historical narratives, encompassing a diverse range of media and strategies including film, installation and writing.

This event is organised in collaboration with Rupert, the Lithuanian Deaf Association, Kaunas Deaf Rehabilitation Centre, Kaunas Deaf Youth Organisation and Kaunas Region Sign Language Translators’ Centre.

The film will be shown with English and Lithuanian subtitles. The talk and discussion will be held in English and Lithuanian sign language. The creators of the film will be present at the discussion via a long-distance connection. The event is free of charge.