In 2019 December KAH hosted the third curator to participate in the year’s programme –Anete Skuja (LV) who conducted a lecture “Archival Impulse: tour through archive based photography art” at Kaunas PhotographyGallery (Vilnius st. 2).

“One of the defining characteristics of the modern era has been the increasing significance given to the archive as the means by which historical knowledge and forms of remembrance are accumulated, stored and recovered.” (Charles Merewether).

A growing number of artists nowadays seek to define their connection with art in the thickness of it’s relationship to history. More and more frequently, art finds itself looking back at the past. In this historiographical mode, above all, the archive or the documenthas become both the form and content used by many artists, seeking to retrieve and depict “alternative knowledge”. This artistic practice serves as a tool, that helps to access otherwise unavailable knowledge, offering alternative ways of remembering.

The lecture will present examples of artists, who use archival materials or structures as a part of their artistic practice, focusing on photography art scene in Baltic states.

Anete Skuja is an art historian, photographer and a freelance curator mostly working with photography. Currently studying for her MA at the Art Academy of Latvia, in the faculty of Art history, specializing in curatorial studies. Her current research is on the use of archival materials in the Baltic contemporary art.

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