Within and through their installation AEON.X, emergence of new organic derivatives is questioned. Every organism evolves affected by time, environmental change, adaptation processes. These changes can be defined through the concept of cyclicity: from the moment the organism is being established until its death. However, the natural cyclicity and adaptation to the environment might be disrupted by increasing toxicity as well as climate change, that exceed the speed of the natural evolutionary process.
Hence the questions raised by AEON.X are those related to the issues of the survival of an organism / a human, when survival or adaptation to the environment is no longer possible over one evolutionary cycle.
Installation consists of three objects that form the system of one new cycle. The first object explores the onset genetical change of a human, while the remaining two represent an already occured genetic change through the endosymbiotic process, by which an evolution under the influence of another organism is intended. Evolutionary change that occurs in the organism affected is transferrable to genetically new generations of organisms, which are transcendant or intermediate. AEON signifies the vitality of those new generations of species, “aeon” meaning timelessness as well as a period of time or era, a long-lasting process.

The installation opening in Kaunas Artist House will take place on the 10th Aug. 15:45. The installation will will be open until the 24th of August.

Language of the presentation: English

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