EVERYTHING IS OK AND REAL-ISH: HYPER WAR AND MEANING PRODUCTION is a learning and sharing session hosted by the artist and researcher Jenna Jauhiainen, a founding member of HYPERREAALIYAH.

The topic of this session is hyper war, a term here defined as artificial intelligence driven warfare.

AI is increasingly being utilised in various weapon systems, from vehicles and robots to information operations, i.e. propaganda. Hyper war also blends with other contemporary forms of war, such as cyber and hybrid war. As these new forms of war rely on speed, smokescreens and secrecy, we arguably need to think about the meaning production around the future wars.

How should we talk about war when war has essentially become a hyperreal construction?

HYPERREAALIYAH’s stated purpose is to function as a simulation of an artist whose works attempt a return to meaning – how to (de)construct meaning in various contexts has been the question, particularly in terms of right-wing populist politics, the internet culture(s) and memetics. All of these meaning production processes lean to the so-called post-truth or post-fact times we are living in, and thus it has been critical to try to process the materials and knowledge produced in these spheres in regards to meaning.

The session is in English.

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