On the 8th – 10th of August an (a)symposium on (various) matters, the goal of which is to discuss matters related to decay, monsters, will take place in Gallery 101, various public places, Emma social center and Kaunas artist house.
The participants of the event have responded to a call to mount a temporary platform of encounters between those thinking what it means to be human in the epoch of late capitalism [**] and those that make sound inspired by the principle of ‘order to noise’; those constructing noise generators and those that are cyborgs or (dream to) have bodies that enhance or transcend the current human; between ghosts of the old industries and monsters.
Currently we are planning for acousmatic lectures, listening sessions, algorithmic readings, house parties, discussions on cyberwar, critiques of dystopia, installations, a walk-and-talk about monsters, noise, man-machine performance, museum of experimental electronics and other things. Detailed program of the event will be announced shortly.

Confirmed participants of the asymposium are:
– Aleks Slota, conceptual artist, Berlin; aleksslota.com
– Artūrs Pokšans, anthropology lecturer at Riga University, doctoral candidate of Tartu University
– Bilwa (William Costa), interdisdiplinary artist from Philadelphia; www.williambilwacosta.com
– Bionics collective from Kaunas: Lina Pranaitytė and Urtė Pakers; www.bionicswave.com
– Gabrielė Gervickaitė, interdisciplinary artist, Vilnius; gabrielegervickaite.com
– Goda Klumybė, researcher, PhD candidate at the University of Kassel
– HYPERREALAIYAH collective from Helsinki: Jenna Jauhiainen, Johannes Valkonen, Juha Jauhiainen, Jane Lähteenpää, Mara Nurmi; vimeo.com/hyperreaaliayh
– KOELSE collective from Helsinki: Antti Ahonen, Otto Urpelainen, Tuomas Hakkinen; anttia.net/koelse/
– Loren Britton, interdisciplinary artist, Berlin; http://lorenbritton.com
– Kristians Zalāns, anthropologist, specialises in studies of affect, violence and urban power relations, Riga
– TMS collective, Aalborg: Tina Marianne Krogh Madsen and Malte Steiner; tms.tmkm.dk/
– Sarah Ellen Lundy, multidisciplinary artist, Sligo; www.greyliquidgums.com
– Sofia Bertomeu Hojberg, multimedia artist, Alicante; sofia-bertomeu.com
– Vilius Dranseika, philosophy lecturer and researcher at Vilnius University, Kaunas University of Technology and Jagiellonian University, Krakow; www.dranseika.lt
– Tautvydas Urbelis, cultural & political thinker and activist from Kaunas

There is a possibility of additional participants. The format of the gathering is transdisciplinary and was constructed as such along with participants.

Partners of the event are:
VDU menų galerija 101
Kauno menininkų namai / Kaunas Artists’ House
Socialinis Centras “Emma”
Kauno miesto muziejus

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