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MATTERS is announcing a second call this year for sound artists. Sound artist is a broad concept, and in the context of this platform noisemakers, experimentators, soundscapers, chaos engineers and authors of industrial are thought of as sound artists. However, if you do not associate yourself with any of the definitions above, but feel you’re a part of whatever you think industrial music and cultural field is, you’re very welcome to apply.

Over the month of June, a series of programming workshops took place in Kaunas Artists’ House. Over the course of five meetings the participants were learning a new language, that of visual programming in Pure Data.

In the beginning of June, Matters, a platform for industrial culture, coordinated by Kaunas Artist House, has launched an open call for the selection to the compilation -Scape. A total of 38 applications by 37 artists has been received for the call, out of which 16 were by Lithuanian artists. Overall geography of the call is international: proposals were received from artists living and working in Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, USA, Russia and Chile.

MATTERS is announcing a call out for sound artists / noisers / experimental sound practitioners / sound collectors / industrial (de)composers / chaos engineers / others that see themselves as […]

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