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We rested for a month, went aruond catching snowflakes with our tongues, looked at slamers on Žalgiris Arena or Vilnius stage, it’s time to get back. Let’s meet in the usual KKC hall listen to whether slamers’s tongues are still sharp or perhaps they learned new tricks.

KOELSE. Museum of Paranormal Technology: presentation and sound performance

Within and through their installation AEON.X, emergence of new organic derivatives is questioned. Every organism evolves affected by time, environmental change, adaptation processes.

Performative exercise in reflexivity: critique of fetishization of dystopian post-industrialness

EVERYTHING IS OK AND REAL-ISH: HYPER WAR AND MEANING PRODUCTION is a learning and sharing session hosted by the artist and researcher Jenna Jauhiainen, a founding member of HYPERREAALIYAH.

Rugpjūčio 8, 9 ir 10 dienomis galerijoje 101, įvairiose viešosiose vietose bei Kauno menininkų namuose vyks (a)simpoziumas apie (įvairius) dalykus.

2019 m. Kauno menininkų namų rezidencijų programa „Unlearning Eastern Europe“* buria kviestinius kuratorius iš Baltijos šalių ir siekia permąstyti regionui aktualias problematikas – nuo dekolonializacijos galimybių iki viešųjų erdvių politikos.

“Common People”, the documentary film screening series initiated by “Kitas Kinas”, continues residing in the inner courtyard of Kaunas Artists’ House and is hosting a screening of “Magic Trip” (dirs. Alison Ellwood, Alex Gibney, 2011) at 8 pm, 24 July.

What happens when words from paper move up on a stage and a pen is swapped to a microphone? When boundaries are transgressed not only between readers and the audience, but different disciplines of art?

On the 3rd of July, we kindly invite you to join us in Kaunas for the annual international project MagiC Carpets meeting and presentation of the creative residencies.

“Kitas Kinas”, the educational film platform, continues its series of documentary film screenings “Common People” at Kaunas Artists’ House, at the core of which lie portraits of eccentrics and hermits, tender relationships and everyday social occurences, subcultures and communities, living in the margins of society.

Duet created by dancers of AURA Dance theatre – Blake Seidel and Clara Giambino: “The Wounded Deer”

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