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written by Yulia Protas (international volunteer at KAH) My first visit to the Rukla camp for the most vulnerable asylum seeking migrants, which is located in the district of Jonava, […]

Over the month of June, a series of programming workshops took place in Kaunas Artists’ House. Over the course of five meetings the participants were learning a new language, that of visual programming in Pure Data.

How do we feel in our city? Which spaces are ours, where do we feel at home, and where do we find ourselves uncomfortable, and why? Is it more comfortable at Akropolis or the public library? Who is building our city? How do we do it?

How do you see the world and how do I see it?
How is my reality different from yours?
We can’t get into another person’s brain, but can we see the world through their eyes?
Or show it?
What does it take to change reality? What about creating it?

A zine is a small-print independent publication that stands out because of its non-standard themes, artistic solutions, and DIY aesthetics. This independent way of sharing information is used as a form of activism and art that does not require permission or approval and has no restrictions. A zine can be published by anyone who has something to say or show, and usually the author, editor, illustrator, and publisher are the same person or a small group of people.

For Sugihara Week the Extraordinary Japanese culture festival “nowJapan” is moving to Kaunas Artists’ House and is inviting everyone to engage in Japanese creative workshops on 6-7 September with the artists of the Land of the Rising Sun: Shota Kotake, Keiko Kikkawa and Tatsuo Horiuchi. The young festival-goers will be invited to Japanese kite-making creative sessions before the workshops held by Japanese artists.

On Saturday, 30 June, 11 am – 4.30 pm Kaunas Artists’ House is pleased to invite adults and children alike to a truly musical Saturday – the playing and making musical instruments from the ethnic world workshop run by Hannes Heyne (Germany). 

Kaunas Artists‘ House and the community of V. Putvinskio street continue the year-old tradition that has gathered the citizens of Kaunas and its guests to this historical part of the city – the “Putvinskio street day”. This year the event will take place on the last Saturday of this spring – the 26th May.

Under the invitation of Kaunas Comics Residency (KCR), Liisa Kruusmägi (EE) will be undertaking a creative residency in Kaunas. On Wednesday 16 May, 6.30 pm the artist will lead a comics workshop at Kaunas Artists’ House.

Dalia Mikonytė and Adomas Žudys began their residency at Kaunas Artists’ House in January, 2018, aiming to produce “Kaunas Study” – a video work conceived as a compliment to the unique modernism of Kaunas and also forming a part of their ongoing project “City Studies”.

In March 2018, contemporary dance artists Liza Baliasnaja (LT / BE) and Sidney Barnes (UK / BE) will reside at Kaunas Artists’ House. 

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