Having operated as a residence for the arts for a long time, connecting a specific circle of artists, we have opened our doors to communities, the members of which might be discovering Kaunas Artists’ House for the first time. Projects and activities developed together with such partners as the Lithuanian Association of the Blind and Visually Handicapped, Lithuanian Deaf Association, Lithuanian Association of the Deaf Youth, Art agency Artscape, Open Youth Center Vartai, Vilnius Queer Festival Kreivės and others, increase the accessibility and diversity of culture, enable communities to participate in diverse creative processes, and encourage the sharing of experiences and creativity.

We believe that one-sided projects that involve communities only because of their knowledge and tools, but which do not participate in the process, do not create added value. Co-creation enables various means and approaches, also creating content, which, through its accessibility, eliminates the concepts of “disability”, “integration” or reduces other barriers.

At the same time, co-creation transcends the boundaries of fragmentation, common to projects, and seeks to build long-term relationships and consolidate successful practices for future activities.


Current volunteers:

Volunteers of Kaunas Artists’ House (KAH) are an important part of the institution. Volunteering encourages residents and guests of the city to contribute to the development of this open and inclusive space as well as the promotion of culture and community building. By engaging in volunteering, we create the environment in which we want to grow together and collectively ensure a more sustainable development of the city. KAH’s volunteers are our ambassadors, who can turn every visit into a special experience for our guests.

Who can become a volunteer at KAH?

Volunteering is open to persons of any age, gender, religion or political conviction, who want to broaden their horizons in the cultural and artistic field and, of course, contribute to the creation of a better and more socially responsible society.

Why become a volunteer at KAH?

Volunteering in KMN is primarily based on the values of goodwill, mutual understanding, cooperation, openness and respect for others. We strive for a welcoming approach to each other’s suggestions and ideas and see volunteering as non-formal learning, which is important for the development of a diverse personality, and sometimes is the first step towards own creative work. Volunteering at KMN also opens up opportunities to meet a variety of cultural and artistic creators, gain new acquaintances and friends as well as useful experiences.

Volunteering at KAH

• involvement in the implementation and development of KMN projects;
• assistance in developing different KMN platforms, such as the Cultural Information Centre, Reading Room and the open co-working space;
• helping to create and maintain a friendly environment for KAH audiences.

How to become a volunteer for KAH?

We look at KAH volunteering responsibly, so first of all we would like to share your and our expectations and discuss how we can best help each other.

Want to become a volunteer for KAH?

Write to a volunteer coordinator:

International volunteers

One of the most important values of Kaunas Artists’ House is openness and inclusion, so we are happy to have international volunteers who complement our team. International volunteering enriches our team, brings valuable cultural differences and new ideas.

Currently volunteers

Yulia from Belarus.

Already volunteered

Lalou from France. Her project consists of posts about the work at Kaunas Artists’ House and her life in Kaunas. She published them every Friday on the Instagram profile of Kaunas Artitsts’ House.

How to become an international volunteer at Kaunas Artists’ House?

Foreigners living in Lithuania are invited to volunteer at Kaunas Artists’ House in the same way as local volunteers are (please see the section “local volunteering”).

International volunteers from European Solidarity Corps comes with the help of our partners A.C. Patria.

Find more about the A.C. Patria Volunteer Centre here.

More about European Solidarity Corps volunteering programmes here.


On December 2nd video art screening of the project Obscene West. In Honey happened in collaboration with the video art platform D’EST, initiated by curator Ulrike Gerhardt. Good news for those who missed out on our Obscene West screening event. Until January 1st you can view the works shown in our programme on the D’EST platform (website). The curator of the video programme – Tanya Bogacheva.

“Black Rose. Black Carnation. Baltic Queer Art and Politics Network” is a new collaboration initiated by Kaunas Artists’ House (LT) and Feministeerium (EE) with an aim to connect Baltic queer […]

Over the month of June, a series of programming workshops took place in Kaunas Artists’ House. Over the course of five meetings the participants were learning a new language, that of visual programming in Pure Data.

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