“Kitas Kinas”, the educational film platform, returns to Kaunas Artists’ House and presents “Common People” – a series of documentary film screenings. At the heart of these films lie the portraits of eccentrics and hermits, tender relationships and everyday social occurences, subcultures and communities, living in the margins of society. The first screening of the series will be held on the 16th of January, 7 pm, showing “Silence is a Falling Body” (“El Silence es un Cuerpo que Cae”).

Jaime filmed everything – he even filmed his own death. His daughter Agustina inhereted more than 100 hours of video recordings and a lot of questions. Agustina’s explorations led to discovering Jaime’s homosexual and politically active past, held in complete secret after his wedding. The old VHS and 8mm footage of vacations and birthday parties creates a nostalgic, poetic atmosphere, in which the filmmaker compassionately attempts to understand how it must have been for her father to live a lie.

Homosexuality was still taboo in 1980s Argentina. It was an intensive time, characterised by political activism, the awakening LGBT emancipation and the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. “Silence is a Falling Body” is an intimate ego-documentary portrait and a tale of passion, sexuality, family and freedom.

Dir. Agustina Comedi
Documentary, Argentina, 2017, Spanish with Lithuanian and English subtitles, 75 mins.

Tickets and discounts: tickets cost 3 EUR (2 EUR concessions – schoolchildren, students, seniors). Tickets can be purchased on the door and at “Tiketa” sales points in person and online.

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