CRRNT is a concert series dedicated to new live contemporary music and musical improvisation. The series continues into double digits on the 15th of November, when Kaunas Artists’ House stage will be occupied by two projects: “DJ Extended” (feat. Kazimieras Jušinskas) and “LloomKK”.


“DJ Extended” feat. Kazimieras Jušinskas
“DJ Extended” (Kristupas Gikas) will be playing the gramophone. When improvising with Kazimieras Jušinskas (saxophone), its warm noise will be transformed into music which is, as of yet, unknown. Their encounter acts as a source of inspiration to one another, revealing itself in an unexpected selection of sounds, bearing traces of trance, noise, house, ritual music, all of which connect at musical improvisation. 
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“LloomKK” is a band from Vilnius. Its exact years of activity cannot be traced. The band consists of three members: Klaudijus Štuopinis plays the saxophone, Dominykas Norkūnas approaches the guitar and other objects resembling it, whereas Lukas Dambrauskas bangs the drums and other bits of percussion. Each member of the ensemble, although connected to the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, has had an education of one’s own. The band’s improvised tunes reveal an energy, expressed using eclectic means, elements of different genres (on purpose or not) and a disobedience to the wishes of the listener, the rules of instrumental composition and the principles of creativity. 


Tickets can be purchased on the door before the concerts or at “Tiketa”, both in person and online. Tickets cost 3 €.

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