CRRNT is a concert series dedicated to live, contemporary, improvised and experimental music. The upcoming, twelfth instalment of the series, will showcase some of the most active and relevant free jazz and musical improvisation, who, in the form of a trio, will perform a double concert!

Arnas Mikalkėnas – grand piano
Eugenijus Kanevičius – double bass
Dalius Naujokaitis – percussion

Tickets can be purchased on the door before the concerts or at “Tiketa”, both in person and online. Tickets cost 3 €.

About the performers
Arnas Mikalkėnas mainly acts within the realms of jazz, musical improvisation and electroacoustic music. He is a creator who is attentive to sound and not afraid, actually, on the opposite, aiming to cross any musical boundaries and explore a unique relationship to music. A. Mikalkėnas’s experience with music is immensely broad: beside studying classical and jazz music, it encompasses musique concrète, rock, metal and other genres of music. One of his main outlets of music is the free jazz trio “Ąžuoliniai Berželiai“ (“Oak Birches”). He has also performed with Arkadijus Gotesmanas, Dalius Naujokaitis, Liudas Mockūnas, Gailė Griciūtė, and, among others, performers from abroad: Kenny Wollesen, Haakon Berre, Anne Liis Poll and others. He has also had productive collaborations with Justinas Kalinauskas, a contemporary alternative theatre and happening creator. A. Mikalkėnas also shares his vast experience with students, currently teaching at the Lithuanian Theatre and Music Academy and having recently established an informal musical education space “Jazz Academy” in Kaunas with Daiva Masaitytė.

Eugenijus Kanevičius is one of the most versatile Lithuanian jazz bassists, who feels comfortable with the most diverse styles – from radical free to melodious mainstream. To expand the timbral range of acoustic and electric bass, he employs various electronic additions, guitar, trumpet, percussion and voice. His playing attests to a refined harmonic and polyphonic thinking, and his original compositions reveal a distinctive musical philosophy, especially in his sacral jazz projects. In his career as jazz musician, spanning now two decades, Eugenijus Kanevičius has performed with nearly every musician on Lithuanian jazz scene as well as with his international partners. He also appears solo, writes hymns and music for kids, theatre and film. ( information)

Dalius Naujokaitis a genius percussionist who has lately moved into conducting and composing. He is not normal! He is totally pocessed by his art, nothing else matters to him! The muses of music have made him lose his mind, he is moving ahead unpredictably and dangerously, as all poets do.“ – Jonas Mekas. A pilgrim of the avant-garde experimental music and free jazz scene and currently based in New York, Dalius Naujokaitis-Naujo started his musical career in Lithuania and regularly returns for various projects. He is a free musician playing free music, devoid of musical clichés and stylistic boundaries, disregarding traditional means of sound production and customary creative forms. The texture of Naujokaitis’s music has absorbed a rich universe of sound – it contains musical elements from different countries and regions, features from various trends and genres, as well as sounds and noises from the surrounding world. This creator and performer, distinguished by his extraordinary expressiveness, finds music everywhere, from the sounds of nature to the hum of cities. And in his hands very diverse objects – dishes, handrails, saws – turn into musical instruments. Bursting with vital energy, Naujokaitis values spontaneous music making very highly, participating with great passion in various performances, including many initiated by him. ( information)

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