CRRNT is a concert series dedicated to new live music. The series feature experimental and contemporary musicians and musical improvisation. On 23 August, 8 pm Kaunas Artists’ House will host its seventh instalment – the last concert this summer. It will showcase two projects – “Nesting Boxes and Sound Pipes” and “Ąžuoliniai Berželiai”.

“Nesting Boxes and Sound Pipes”

“Nesting Boxes and Sound Pipes” is an audio-visual project by two artists. It consists of motorised sound sculptures, playing as automised propellers strike their strings, and sound pipes played by controlling the intensity of compressed air contained within them. The project is a collaboration between two artists: Simonas Nekrošius (sound sculptures) and Mikalojus Smulskis (sound pipes).

“Ąžuoliniai berželiai”

“Ąžuoliniai berželiai” (Tomas Razmus – saxophone, Nerijus Ardzevičius – bass guitar, Arnas Mikalkėnas – drums, percussion) is a trio in which every artist is the artistic director. The performances of this ensemble are usually called improvised acts or events rather than concerts, since they cannot be defined through a time-frame – it simply does not exist. The trio has a long history of playing together, resulting in a good knowledge of each other’s rhythm and tone. “Ąžuoliniai Berželiai” often performs both in Lithuania and abroad.

Tickets can be purchased on the door before the concerts or at “Tiketa”, both in person and online. Tickets cost 3 €.