On Wednesday 14 of November 6 pm Six chairs books and guest-host artists Monika Janulevičiūtė and Antanas Lučiūnas will run its ninth twice monthly Open Reading Group – Clap when you want to! – which is an invitation to read ahead, collectively discuss and support dear bodies of women, of the earthly and the technological, and seek the joy of learning the planetary together. With this weeks readings we will talk about how the ways the feminist theory could assist us in de-centering the human and offer new ways of staying-together in the Altered State. 

We will read fragments from Krytle A. Cole‘s text ‘Lysergic’, in which describes the events that occurred in her life within the time period of 2000 to 2003 and explains her involvement with Gordon Todd Skinner and William Leonard Pickard, the infamous LSD chemists who operated their lab in an underground missile silo in Kansas. Rumours say, that this lab, after being busted and shutdown by the DEA, was reported to have been producing 90% of the world’s supply of LSD. ‘Lysergic’ is a story of love, a story of abuse, and most of all, it is a depiction of psychedelic experiences that ultimately exerted a profound effect upon Krystle’s life.

Now, you are manually controlling all of your bodily processes, and this is the Altered State. At the basis of this, all is vortices of complex emergences of links, states, passages within all possible forms of animate and inanimate life.

Dear reader,
We have a short attention span. This is how we struggle to unsee the Human as a center of things. We are bringing quite different formats of reading. We try to exercise spatial understanding where these factors are not just a plain backdrop, but constructed, enforced conditions of life and codependency. Our main interests are the intertwining of low-brow, the mundane and the vernacular as new types of languages in public, simulated or altered states and their paradoxical intimacies. 

Monika & Antanas

READINGS AND MATERIALS: Krystle A. Cole Lysergic (pages TBA soon) and Marina Vishmidt Fan of Exaggeration (pp. 215-221).
Materials will be in English. Conversations might swing between Lithuanian/ English depending on participants’ mood and preferences.

TO SIGN-UP AND RECEIVE MATERIALS, please write to info@sixchairsbooks.lt; space is very very limited, but, if necessary we can move around the KAH building.
The session will take place at the bookstore (Kauno Menininkų Namai / V. Putvinskio 56, Kaunas) from 6 to 8 pm. It is free and fresh beverages are provided.

Inspired by the saying ‘If you can’t read a body, you’ll never finish a book’ from ‘The Great Outdoors’ (graphic novel by Monika Janulevičiūtė and Monika Kalinauskaitė), we believe that learning sensitivity of reading bodies could lead us to reading more or, rather, finding substantially new ways of reading books. This ORG concerns itself both with the critical feminist practices and its legacies, the cosmical and the comical, & material interdependence and suffering from ills of another species, engaging with hybrid thinkers working along the lines of cultural theory, biology, feminist sciences and technology.

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