At the end of October of 2020, Kaunas Artists’ House, in cooperation with Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture 2021 and the cultural center LAB (Novi Sad), after an open call selected 4 artists. The artists started their participation in the international reciprocal residency programme DeMo in November.

Artists living in Lithuania Vytautas Stakutis and Anton Karyuk were selected for the programme. Artists from Serbia are represented by Marija Krstic and Marija Markovic. All four artists are unified by sensitive observation of the environment and at the same time radically different approach to the relationship with the environment, its methods of analysis.

In order to expand the concept of modernity, the artists selected for the programme analyze the meaning of the contemporary architectural term EXISTENZMINIMUM in these turbulent times. It ccoul be predicted that the theme of the residency programme was conceptually determined by the current instability and pandemic crisis, which has highlighted the limits of both our existence and Western modernity. In addition to the very broad meaning of the term, the word EXISTENZMINIMUM is historically an architectural definition used after the First World War to describe the needs of a person for comfortable and affordable housing. It is expected that artists will prepare projects based on interdisciplinary research and implement them during physical residencies in 2021, using the traditionally modernist spaces of Kaunas and Novi Sad.

Reciprocal Residency DeMo is a part of “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” programme.