adjective [ before noun ]


starting to exist:

Western governments should be giving more aid to the emerging democracies of the Third World.

emergent economies/markets

growing and developing, esp. in business investment:

US government and business must become partners in breaking into these emerging markets.

– Cambridge English Dictionary

Following its pilot in 2020, CCA and KAH are preparing the second of their ongoing series of Reciprocal Residency Programme DeMo (Decoding Modernity). These residencies have an aim to develop an experimental artistic framework for the critique of progress which is practically a synonym of modernity that is often perceived in a very limited West-centric manner. The very definition of ‘emerging’ is explained by the Cambridge dictionary in terms of centres of power; non-central places in relation to finance/political/cultural centres are often defined as emerging in both fields of business and the arts. For the Open Call the artists are invited to relate and reflect on the meaning of emerging. Can you emerge from nothing? Can emerging be an eternal state of affairs?

The residency programme seeks to create opportunities for artists from Northern Ireland and Lithuania to participate in fully funded artist residencies, stimulating mutual dialogue and exchange. The residency period in Lithuania and NI will take place during February 2022 lasting up to one month culminating with two solo exhibitions of new and/or existing work at CCA Derry~Londonderry, March–May 2022 and Kaunas exhibition spaces, June–August 2022.

In order to provide a broader perspective on modernity or modernities DeMo, a three-year program (2020–2022) of Kaunas Artists’ House, together with Centre for Contemporary Art Derry~Londonderry, the thankyouforcoming residency program in Nice, the Culture Center LAB in Novi Sad, and other partners will invite artists, curators, cultural field researchers, and multidisciplinary collectives to explore the possible interfaces, overlaps and divergences between the different modernities, their forms and expressions. DeMo is dedicated to developing art and cultural networks beyond economic and cultural centres. Reciprocal Residency DeMo is a part of “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” programme.

CCA Derry~Londonderry is the leading art space dedicated to supporting emerging visual artists for artists from Northern Ireland and their international peers. CCA is located within the historic city walls of Derry~Londonderry, the second city of Northern Ireland that sits on the border with the Republic of Ireland. CCA is artist-centred with recent exhibitions featuring artists such as Grace McMurray, Alberta Whittle, Phillip McCrilly, Benjamin de Burca & Barbara Wagner, Edy Fung, Filip Markiewicz, Soft Fiction Projects, Mitch Conlon, Joan Alexander, Catriona Leahy, Locky Morris, Robin Priceand many more. CCA is a member of the Plus Tate Network. You can read more about CCA on our About page and our previous projects on our Exhibitions page.

During almost half of the century, Kaunas Artists’ House (KAH) established its name as one of the most important and longest existing Kaunas’ artistic spaces. Previously known for the bohemian atmosphere, today the villa of KAH is open to contemporary content and diverse cultural phenomena. As an institution funded by Kaunas city Municipality, KAH operates as a mediator between artists and their audiences as well as cultural institutions and their visitors. During recent years, KAH has developed 4 main working directions: Residency Programme, Cultural Infocenter, Educational Programme and Repertoire events and Projects. KAH seeks to be open to different kinds of audiences and render itself more disability-friendly. More information could be found here.

We are seeking Applications from emerging artists based in or from Northern Ireland and Lithuania.

Participating artists will receive:

– temporary artist studio/working space
– accommodation
– access to Derry~Londonderry or Kaunas city/Kaunas district (LT) networks and resources
– exhibition March–May 2022 at CCA Derry~Londonderry/exhibition June-August 2022 inKaunas
– stipend of £1000 (CCA Derry~Londonderry) or 1000 Eur (KAH) plus travel to/from Kaunas and Derry~Londonderry * and modest materials support
– artist fee for participating in the exhibitions

*if you are not based in Northern Ireland or Lithuania please note our travel budget is calculated for travel to/from Northern Ireland.

To apply please complete the application form here.

Please include the following:

– a current CV
– Portfolio of 3-5 selected projects collected in one PDF file with size no larger than 10 MB
– motivational letter
– completed Equal Opportunities form PDF (download here)

Deadline: 14 October 2021 (announcement week commencing 14 November 2021)

Partners: CCA Derry~Londonderry, Lithuanian Culture Institute, Kaunas Artists’ House Initiated by Director Catherine Hemelryk and former Lithuanian Cultural Attaché in the UK Justė Kostikovaitė, Director of Kaunas Artists’ House Rūta Stepanovaitė.

With thanks to Agnė Bagdžiūnaitė, coordinator and curator of Reciprocal Residency Programme DeMo and Ūla Tornau, current Lithuanian Cultural Attaché in the UK.

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