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Kaunas Artists’ House education programs seek to expand the boundaries of contemporary art by increasing its accessibility and empowering young people, using non-traditional creative tools. Educational Kaunas Artist’s House programs and events use interactive non-traditional creative practices, thanks to which the participants of the activities become co-creators. Educational activities, led by professional and emerging contemporary artists from different fields, introduce the participants to the topicalities of culture, provide space for the young adults to explore the relevant issues, and involve them in unexpected creative processes.
In the educational events of Kaunas Artists’ House, special attention is paid to the involvement of hard-to-reach youth groups. The long-term goal is to increase cultural social responsibility and promote synergies between cultural, social, and educational work.

Educational program Social Culture

In this program, which has been running since 2019, professional contemporary artists work with youth groups using the tailor-made methodology that combines contemporary creative thinking and implementation methods, alternative pedagogy and site-specific analysis of social issues. Through creative practices, this program aims to broaden horizons, empower young people and provide skills and experiences that are not readily available to them in their daily lives.
The activities of the program are carried out in cooperation with child and youth centers and other institutions and organizations aimed at reducing social exclusion, promoting the integration and empowerment of young people with fewer opportunities.

Literary education program Trenksmas

Trenksmas program that has been running at the Kaunas Artist’s House since 2019 aims to show that literature can transcend genres and acquire unexpected interactive formats, and everyone can become an author and a performer. The program is based on the genre of spoken word poetry, which includes poetry, comedy, and the performing arts. Trenksmas brings together a large and ever-changing audience of young people and gives it a wide range of experiences – participants have the opportunity to get to know different genres and their expressions, creative workshops provide skills to test yourself in creating something, and Slam stage provides an opportunity to read your work for an audience of like-minded people.
Trenksmas’ activities involve professional, emerging authors, and novice representatives of literature and other creative fields. The direct relationship between performers and the audience and the connections between classical literature and contemporary popular genres create a personal relationship with literature and provide a space for education, where young people’s worldview can unfold.


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written by Yulia Protas (international volunteer at KAH) My first visit to the Rukla camp for the most vulnerable asylum seeking migrants, which is located in the district of Jonava, […]

The four-day camp program from August 19th till 22nd will consist of creative sessions led by Lithuanian slam laureates and creative literature workshop hosts as well as a guest author Martine Johansen. The final event of the camp will open to the public. Here the participants of the camp and Martine Johansen will present their work together with local poets who create in English.

How do we feel in our city? Which spaces are ours, where do we feel at home, and where do we find ourselves uncomfortable, and why? Is it more comfortable at Akropolis or the public library? Who is building our city? How do we do it?

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