The fair, which is taking place for the second year in a row, will once again bring together cultural organizations and initiatives in Kaunas at Vienybės Square on September 3-4. This year, more than 30 cultural operators will be waiting for residents and guests of Kaunas city and district and will invite them to discover the different flavors of culture.

Culture for different tastes in the city and district

The fair, which is preparing for its first birthday and second season, will offer you to enjoy diverse cultural organizations and events. The “assortment of culture” metaphor is dedicated for the colorful field of culture that stretches across the city and district of Kaunas. At the fair, residents and guests of the city will be able to chat and get to know cultural representatives, buy tickets, subscriptions and other cultural products and see free of charge stage shows.

“From traditional theater to contemporary dance, from the history of aviation to a self-publishing studio – we want everyone to be able to get to know the wide range of cultural experiences that Kaunas and its district offer. Each institution brings a sort of sample of itself, something that shows who they are what they offer and what they can do to please ordinary passersby or big culture lovers. We hope that the visitors who came here, collected publications and flyers and sampled different flavors of culture, will return from the fair having collected their personal assortment. It is an opportunity for the cultural community to present its activities in a different concentrated format, to meet new audiences, to expand the flow of its potential visitors,” says Gabrielė Krapikaitė, the head of Cultural Infocenter of the Kaunas Artists’ House.

Program for cultural operators

One of the main goals of the fair is networking, which encourages the representatives of cultural organizations and initiatives to cooperate. Networking plays an important role in the growth of the cultural sector. It inspires to try new ideas and solutions, to accept new challenges. Therefore, during this event, a special program for cultural operators will be held, which will bring together cultural representatives from various cities and regions of Lithuania.

“Kaunas Culture Fair will host a networking program organized for the second year, which will bring together culture professionals for a conversation. Acting as mediators, we provide opportunities for cultural operators registered in the visits program to meet with representatives of cultural organizations and initiatives operating in Kaunas and to discuss future plans, possible partnerships, share best practices or consult on the important issues. With this program, we promote cooperation, building and strengthening of connections between cultural workers operating in Kaunas and other Lithuanian cities, towns, and communities. At the same time, we provide a deeper insight into the supply of culture in Kaunas,” Julija Selezniova, the coordinator of the visits program, says.

The organizers hope that this free event held for the second year in a row will become a new tradition in Kaunas and will attract more and more visitors and participants each year. More information and news about the Kaunas Culture Fair can be found on the website and on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the Kaunas Artists’ House.

About the organizer

The mission of the Culture Infocenter is to bring together the cultural community of Kaunas, to give meaning to culture and its benefits to society. The priority lies not in creating new initiatives but in providing the existing ones with advertising platforms and other useful tools. Great attention is paid to the organization of various trainings that contribute to raising the professional competence of cultural representatives.

Sponsors of the project

The project is financed by Kaunas City Municipality and the Lithuanian Council for Culture. Information partner: Kauno diena. Partners: Kaunas District Municipality, Kauno Akropolis, Media Traffic, Reklamos arka, Retail Media, Kaunas 2022. Friends of the fair: Vero Cafe, Rūta, restaurants Donelaičio and Višta Puode.

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